Submission Guidelines

Please explore the TOPICS website and read information provided on the About TOPICS page as well as various TOPICS articles to gain a sense of the types of articles accepted. Also, please note the House Style document.

Length: There is no imposed maximum length for TOPICS articles. Authors may, however, be asked to shorten articles if reviewers or the editor determine it necessary or advantageous for the article’s publication.

Peer Review: Articles submitted to TOPICS are subject to blind peer review. The editor will have the final decision based on recommendations by qualified reviewers.

Abstract: Authors of articles accepted for publication will be required to submit an abstract (about 100 words) and a short list of keywords in the article for online searches.

Copyright: Authors retain copyright for original works published on TOPICS. However, authors grant to TOPICS the right to enter into agreements for full-text access in online databases. It is the responsibility of the author to gain permissions and/or license for any copyrighted items (e.g., photos, illustrations, etc.) within a published article or other accepted work.

Submission Format: Articles must be submitted in either .DOC or .RTF formats. Articles accepted for publication must adhere to the TOPICS Style Guide published on the TOPICS website.

Submission: Please use our online submission system. You will be asked to create an Author Submission Account in order to provide necessary information we can use to link to your article following the review process. Please do not include identifying information in the manuscript.


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